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717 Medical Office Building on the campus of the Methodist Women’s Hospital

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Physical Therapy for Pelvic Pain

The physical therapists at Methodist Physicians Clinic Women’s Center Physical Therapy are specially trained to treat women with pelvic pain. They work closely with your physician to evaluate the musculoskeletal causes of your pain and dysfunction.

Through private and confidential, one-on-one therapy, our physical therapists can relieve pain and restore normal function and get you on your way to living your life.

Women's Physical Therapy may benefit the following pelvic pain issues:

  • Urgency/frequency
  • Pain
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Organ prolapse
  • Bowl/bladder retention

We provide:

  • Surface EMG biofeedback
  • Neuromescular re-education
  • Stretching and exercise program
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Manual techniques for trigger points
  • Treatment progress based on patient response
  • Collaborative, team approach to care

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